Name is identity; name is connectivity with one's culture and with one's roots. The desire for cultural connectivity among people of Indian origin will find this site an ultimate destination.

Ultimate Indian Names is the largest ever collection of Indian Names originating from Sanskrit - the Mother of all Indian Languages. This comprehensive collection includes names of People, Places and Products. It is an invaluable resource for Parents, Authors, Property Developers, Manufacturers or anyone else who wishes to name someone or something.

The main highlights of the site are:

  • Over 25,000 names originating in Sanskrit
  • Exhaustive Searching capabilities by the following:
    • First letter of name
    • First letters of name (e.g. names with 'pr' or 'pra' or 'prat' etc.
    • Type of name - Male or Female or Male/Female
    • Number of Syllables in name
    • Predefined Categories (see list below)
  • All names given in Roman and Devnagri scripts
  • Each name is pronounced correctly and distinctly
  • Covers from Classical to Contemporary names
  • Classified in more than 30 Categories based on the criteria commonly followed for selection of names.

The subject of names is very deep and wide.

In this collection it is focused by including names based on Sanskrit language - the mother of most of the Indian languages. It is important to bear in mind that a language and its vocabulary do not have Religion. Sanskrit based names should not be thought of as only Hindu names. We have Sukarno and Meghavati in Islamic Indonesia and Pramode and Chandrika in Buddhist Thailand and Sri Lanka.

People want names not only for children but for their businesses, products, schools, hospitals, homes, buildings, ornament etc.- anything which is to be identified.

People have different preferences for keeping names. Some like long, some like short. Some avoid certain letters and some select letters as per zodiac sign or numerology science. Some want traditional, classical and some want modern and uncommon. However everyone wants a name with a meaning – a good meaning. It should also be pleasing to ears.

This is the only collection which provides multiple meanings.

The spelling of a name in Roman script can vary depending on transliteration,the Devnagri script indicates correct spelling.


The Names are classified according to the following Categories.  It must be noted that some names may belong to more than one category.


  Category  Category
 1. Achievements, Accomplishments 17. Krishna
 2. Agni 18. Lakshmee
 3. Beauty, Charm, Handsome 19. Love, Affection
 4. Buddha 20. Moon
 5. Devotion, Worship, Auspicious, Excellent 21. Music
 6. Durga 22. Naaga
 7. Fame, Glory, Celebrity, Distinguished, Great 23. Parvatee
 8. Ganesh 24. Prosperity, Wealth
 9. Gift, Blessings, Fortune 25. Rivers
10. Goddesses 26. Shiva.
11. Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets 27. Strength, Power,Valour
12. Humility, Benevolence, Modesty, Compassion, Noble, Virtues 28. Sun
13. Indra 29. Tranquility, Peace 
14. Intelligence, Knowledge, Mind, Wisdom, Cleverness, Skill 30. Victory
15. Joy, Delight, Happiness, Pleasure   31. Vishnu
16. Kaamdev, Cupid, God of love   32. Wish, Desire, Hope