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Name Male Female Devnagari Meaning Syllables Categories Sound
LAALAN Y लालन Caressing, Fondling, Coaxing 3 Love, Affection
LABDH Y लब्ध Obtained, Received, Gained, Acquired, Perceived 3
LABDHA Y लब्धा Same as Labdh 3
LABDHADATTA Y लब्धदत्त Restoring what one has received 5
LABDHADHAN Y लब्धधन One who has acquired wealth, Wealthy 5 Prosperity, Wealth
LABDHAK Y लब्धक Obtained, Received, Attained 4
LABDHAKAM Y लब्धकाम One who has gained his wishes 5 Wish, Desire, Hope
LABDHI Y लब्धि Acquisition, Attainment, Advantage, Profit 3 Achievements, Accomplishments
LABDHIKA Y लब्धिका Obtained, Received, Attained 4 Achievements, Accomplishments
LABDHNAMAN Y लब्धनामन् One who has gained a name, Famous, Celebrated 6 Fame, Glory, Celebrity, Distinguished,Great
LABDHODAY Y लब्धोदय Prosperous, One who has attained prosperity 5 Prosperity, Wealth
LABDHSIDDHI Y Y लब्धसिद्धि One who has attained perfection 6 Achievements, Accomplishments
LABDHVAR Y लब्धवर One who has obtained a boon or favour 5 Gift, Blessings, Fortune
LABDHVARNA Y लब्धवर्ण Learned, Sage, Skilful, Clever 6 Intelligence, Knowledge, Mind, Wisdom, Cleverness, Skill
LABH Y लाभ Gaining, Receiving, Finding, Acquisition, Advantage, Profit, Conquest, Perception, Knowledge, Name of the 11th astrological house of lunar mansion 2 Intelligence, Knowledge, Mind, Wisdom, Cleverness, Skill ,Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets

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