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Name Male Female Devnagari Meaning Syllables Categories Sound
MAAD Y माद Intoxication, Joy, Exhilaration, Pride 2 Joy, Delight, Happiness, Pleasure
MAADAN Y मादन Cupid, A mine, Clove, A weapon which Vishvamitra had given to Raam, Joyous 3 ,Kaamdev, Cupid, God of love
MAADHU Y Y माधु Shri Krishna, Nectar, Honey, Sweetness, Liquour 2 Krishna
MAADHVA Y माध्व Born of spring, Born of honey, Beautiful, Intoxicating, The founder of a sect of Vaishnavs in south India believing in the Dvait doctrine 3 Beauty, Charm, Handsome ,Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
MAAHENDRA Y माहेन्द्र Name of an arrow used by Mahanemi, Name of Yudhishthir’s bow, A kind of pearl found near Mahendra mountain, Great Indra’s bow i.e., rainbow 4 Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
MAAHENDRI Y माहेन्द्री Indranee, Indra’s wife, The energy of Indra, One of the seven divine Matris and one of the Matris of Skand 4 Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
MAAHESHI Y माहेशी Consort of Mahesh i.e., Shiva, Name of Durga 3 Durga
MAAHESHVAR Y माहेश्वर An epithet of Shiva, Worshipper of Shiva 5 Shiva ,Devotion, Worship, Auspicious, Excellent
MAAHESHVARI Y माहेश्वरी The wife of Maheshvar who is an aggregate of 25 Tattvas, Maheshvar is Paramshiv, The deity of anger, An epithet of Parvatee, Shiva’s wife, One of the seven Matrikas (Shiva’s Shakti), Seeta, Name of a river 5 Parvatee ,Rivers ,Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
MAAHIN Y माहिन Kingdom, Great, Exalted, Joyful 3 Joy, Delight, Happiness, Pleasure
MAAHIR Y माहिर An epithet of Indra, related to ‘Mah’ meaning to be great, to make cheerful, to enliven, held in great esteem and honour 3 Indra ,Joy, Delight, Happiness, Pleasure ,Fame, Glory, Celebrity, Distinguished,Great
MAAHIT Y माहित Related to Mahit Rishi, Clever 3 Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets ,Intelligence, Knowledge, Mind, Wisdom, Cleverness, Skill
MAANESH Y मानेश One who is honoured 3
MAANGAL Y मांगल Auspicious, Epithet of a particular liturgical formula addressed to the Ashvins 3 Devotion, Worship, Auspicious, Excellent ,Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
MAANGALYA Y मांगल्य An auspicious thing, A benediction 4 Devotion, Worship, Auspicious, Excellent

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