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Name Male Female Devnagari Meaning Syllables Categories Sound
NAABH Y नाभ The navel, The wheel, Central point, An epithet of Shiva 2 Shiva
NAABHAS Y नाभस Celestial, Appearing in the sky, Name of certain constellations 3 Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
NAABHEE Y नाभी The navel, The nave of a wheel, The central point, A near relation, A sovereign, A chief, A Kshatriya of the regal & military tribe 2
NAABHYA Y नाभ्य Central, Related to navel, Umbilical, An epithet of Shiva 3 Shiva
NAAD Y नाद A loud sound, Roaring 2
NAAGADHIP Y नागाधिप The serpent-prince, An epithet of Shesh 4 Naaga
NAAGENDRA Y नागेन्द्र A lordly or superior elephant, King of Cobras 4 Naaga
NAAHUSH Y नाहुष A neighbour, A patronymic of Yayati, Human fellow creature, A man 3 Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
NAALANDA Y नालन्दा Name of famous Buddhist monastery 3 Buddha
NAAM Y नाम A mark by which anything is known, Sign, Token, Form, Personal character, Nature, Name 2
NAAMESH Y नामेश Derived from Naam 3
NAAMI Y नामि Famous, Well- known, An Epithet of Vishnu 2 Fame, Glory, Celebrity, Distinguished,Great ,Vishnu
NAAMIT Y नामित Derived from Naam 3
NAAMITA Y नामिता Derived from Naam 3
NAANDA Y नान्द Relating to Nand, Pleasure 2 Joy, Delight, Happiness, Pleasure

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