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Name Male Female Devnagari Meaning Syllables Categories Sound
RA Y रा Strength, Name of Indra 1 Indra ,Strength, Power,Valour
RAAG Y राग Affection, Emotion, Passion, Feeling, Loveliness, Beauty, Charm, A king, The Sun, The Moon, A mode of Indian classical music personified and wedded to raaginee 2 Love, Affection ,Beauty, Charm, Handsome ,Sun ,Moon ,Music
RABHOD Y रभोद Bestowing strength 3 Strength, Power,Valour
RABHYA Y रभ्य Pleasant, Agreeable, A kind of Shruti in music 3 Joy, Delight, Happiness, Pleasure ,Music
RACHAN Y रचन Arrangement, Fabrication 3
RACHANA Y रचना Arrangement, Fabrication, A literary production, Composition, Dressing of the hair, Stringing of flowers, A creation of the mind, Name of the wife of Tvashtri 3 Intelligence, Knowledge, Mind, Wisdom, Cleverness, Skill ,Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
RACHAYITA Y Y रचयिता One who designs or creates 4
RACHEN Y रचेन Derived from Rachana 3
RACHESH Y रचेश Chief planner, Chief creator, Supreme creator 3
RACHIKA Y रचिका Derived from Rachana 3
RACHIN Y रचिन Derived from Rachana 3
RACHINA Y रचिना Derived from Rachana 3
RACHIT Y रचित Made, Formed, Strung together, Adorned 3
RACHITA Y रचिता Made, Formed, Strung together, Adorned 3
RADDH Y Y राद्ध Propitiated, Accomplished, Ready, Adept, Successful 3 Achievements, Accomplishments

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