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Name Male Female Devnagari Meaning Syllables Categories Sound
SAAT Y सात Name of Brahma ,Seven number, Pleasure, Delight, Gift, Wealth, Riches 2 Joy, Delight, Happiness, Pleasure ,Gift, Blessings, Fortune ,Prosperity, Wealth
SAAVAN Y सावन Name of Varun, Shravan month, A natural day from sunrise to sunset, A month of thirty solar days 3 Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
SABAL Y सबल Icy, Powerful, Strong, Accompanied by a force, Fir 3 Strength, Power,Valour
SABALI Y सबलि Evening twilight, Being the proper hour for offering food to spirits 3
SABANDHU Y सबंधु Possessed of a friend, Befriended, Being of the same family 3
SABAR Y सबर Milk, Nectar 3
SABARI Y सबरि Name of a river in Orissa 3 Rivers
SABARMATI Y साबरमती A river flowing through Ahmedabad, The name is given to the combined streams of Sabar and Hathmati 5 Rivers
SABDI Y साबदी A sort of grape 3
SABHAJIT Y सभाजित Honoured, Praised, Celebrated 4 Fame, Glory, Celebrity, Distinguished,Great
SABHAPATI Y सभापति Master of the assembly 4
SABHASINH Y सभासिंह Lion of the assembly, Name of a king of Bundelkhand 4
SABHAVAN Y सभावन Effecting welfare, Epithet of Shiva 4 Shiva
SABHIKAM Y साभिकाम Loving, Affectionate 4 Love, Affection
SABHILASH Y साभिलाष Full of desire, Eager 4 Wish, Desire, Hope

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