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Name Male Female Devnagari Meaning Syllables Categories Sound
VAACH Y वाच Speech, Voice, Language, Name of Sarasvatee, goddess of speech. In the Veda and among Brahmans, Vach or speech is herself the goddess and is represented as created by Prajaapati and married to him. She is also called mother of Vedas and wife of lndra 2 Goddesses ,Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
VAACHA Y वाचा Speech, A holy word, Sacred text, An oath 2
VAAHNI Y वाह्नि One who carries, Name of Indra 3 Indra
VAAN Y वाण A reed-shaft, A symbolical expression for the number five (from the five arrows of Kaamadeva), A pipe, Flute, A voice, Aim, Solitary, Name of one of Skanda\'s attendants, Name of a poet, The author of the Kadambari, Harsha charita and Ratnavali 2 Music ,Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
VAAN Y Y वान Blowing, Moving, The rolling of water or the tide, A perfume, Fragrance, Dry-fruits, Weaving/Sewing, A mat of straw, Related to forest, A multitude of woods 2
VAARUN Y वारुण Sacred to or given by Varun, Epithet of a weapon, Name of one of the nine divisions of Bharatvarsh, Name of Vishnu 3 Vishnu ,Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
VAARUNI Y वारुणी Consort of god Varun, Of water, The western quarter, the region presided over by Varun, The west, Name of the lunar asterism commonly called Shata-bhishaj of which Varun is the ruling deity, A species of Doorba grass, Wife of Varun and the goddess of wine, she arose out of the Milky ocean when it was churned by the gods and asuras for obtaining nectar, Name of a river 3 Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets ,Rivers
VAASANT Y Y वासंत Relating to spring, Being in the spring of life, Young, Diligent, A camel, An Indian cuckoo, A young elephant, The southern or western wind 3
VAASANTAK Y वासंतक Suitable to the spring season 4
VAASANTI Y वासंती A large creeper, Navmallika Jasmine, The Trumpet flower, Name of a deity, A festival in honour of Kamadev held in month of Chaitra. In some places Durgaa is worshipped at this festival, Vernal, Saffron, Name of a raaginee 3 Goddesses ,Kaamdev, Cupid, God of love ,Durga ,Music
VAASAR Y Y वासर Shining, Giving light, A day, One of the Nagas 3 Naaga
VAASHAN Y वाशन Roaring, Singing, Crying, Song of birds, Hum of bees 3
VAASHI Y वाशि Roaring, Fire, God of fire 2 Agni
VAASHINI Y वाशिनी The goddess of speech 3 Goddesses
VAASHITA Y वाशिता A woman, A female elephant 3

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