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Name Male Female Devnagari Meaning Syllables Categories Sound
AA Y Lakshmee 1 Lakshmee
AA. Y Shiva 1 Shiva
AABANDH Y Y आबंध Tied, Joined, Ornament, Affection 3 Love, Affection
AABEER Y आबीर Coloured powder used in Holi, also known as Abeel 3
AABHA Y आभा Light, Splendour, Lustre, Likeness, Colour, A reflected image, Shadow 2
AABHALI Y आभाली Lustre 3
AABHARIKA Y आभारिका Halo 4
AABHAS Y आभास Splendor, Light, Colour, Semblance, Phantom, Mere appearance, Reflection, Intention, Purpose 3
AABHASH Y आभाष Introduction, Preface 3
AABHASUR Y आभासुर Shining one, Name of a class of deities or demigods 4 Gods, Spiritual, Names of legendary figures, Planets
AABHASVAR Y आभास्वर A demigod 5
AABHAT Y आभात Lustre, Shine 3
AABHATI Y आभाति Lustre, Splendour 3
AABHEEK Y Y आभीक Name of a Sam Melody 3 Music

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