A truly comprehensive, that just might turn out to be, the last word in name dropping !!
Shobhaa De
Author and Columnist
An appropriate name creates an ambience, a rhythm to the relationship...... Next time round I hear the famous phrase - What's in a name - I will tell Shakespeare check out the ULTIMATE INDIAN NAMES
Ekta Kapoor
Proprietor, Balaji Telefilms


Like finding the right words for the Character and then right voice in the actor, we always need the right name for the film/play and the character.
Feroze Abbas Khan
Director, Films and Theatre
This Collection fills a socio-psychological need: the need of the modern uprooted urbanite to augment his feeling of belonging, of roots. The quantity of names listed is overwhelming - over 25,000 ! For comparison: the Mahabharat carries 641 names; for Hebrew 3188 names are listed.
Heda Jason
Senior Scholar, Folklore Studies, University of Jerusalem

ULTIMATE INDIAN NAMES is the heart beat of India, the ultimate destination in determining identity.
Bhawana Somaaya
Author and Critic
No such compilation exists to the best of my knowledge. It is for All People for All Times.
Shabana Azmi
Actor, Social Activist

Names make a significant contribution to the success or failure of a product or a company and now in the dotcom era, there is a great need for having the right name for website as well.
Ashish Bhasin
President, Initiative Media